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Magicians are Just Plain Sneaky, with Stephanie Beach

This 45 minute session will teach you some basic magic. But more importantly, how to perform the tricks.
Just bring a deck of cards, 4 quarters and get ready to be taught some cool tricks.
Oh yes, and a Zip lock bag and scissors. Why those two items? Because you are going to learn to have FUN.
Watch this entertaining video! –Steph

Watch some cool STEM experiments with Dan Dufour! Maybe he’ll blow something up?!?!

It’s COOL to Tour a Fire Station

You’ll get a cool, virtual tour of the Ayer Fire Department Central Station. Check out the fire engines, special equipment and gear. Plus you’ll hear all about a day in the life of a firefighter.

Hey! Hear all about Horses

Have you ever watched someone ride and think, “that looks easy, the HORSE does all the work!” Think again! There are so many factors and hard work that go into making riding look easy. You are working with a teammate who happens to be a 1,200 pound, living and breathing animal with a mind of its own. As one of the most challenging sports out there, horseback riding is also one of the most rewarding.

You may not realize that North Central Mass is a hub for horse lovers with many farms, riding centers, trails, clubs, and competitions. Join this session to hear from two members of the horse community–Wildwood Farm’s manager and one of the riding instructors. Our love of horses has turned into a lifelong career of caring for horses and helping others work with these beautiful and intelligent animals. Do you have what it takes to be an Equestrian?

Toast Critters Tutorial

Watch two high school students prepare fun and simple snacks that elementary students can make on their own with no stove top required. Students will get great ideas to satisfy their tummies and power their bodies and minds. They’ll learn about the importance of color, texture, and flavor to create snacks that are satisfying and fun to eat.

What Did My Pet Eat?

“Oh no, Baxter! Not again!”

Do your fuzzy friends love to chomp on things they shouldn’t? Have you ever seen an X-ray of an animal’s stomach? Well, you will in this session video! We’ll look at X-rays of animals who have eaten things they shouldn’t have, and had to be brought to the vet. Find out why pet owners need to careful about what their pets get into and how to keep your animal friends safe. AND you’ll be part of an interactive pet exam where YOU can guide the vet on where to hear a heartbeat or look into the pet’s eyes and more crazy fun!

Seriously…What Is That? Click here and enter code PAMY2

Ever wonder what you’re looking at in the produce aisle or at a farmers market? Watch this fast-paced Nearpod session where viewers get to guess the type of produce, where or how it is grown, why it’s good for you, and different ways to prepare it that actually taste good.

Watch the Healthy Minds event closing session

See DJ Ome, hear some fun music, listen to UWYV Director Lauren Mountain as she plays a blooper reel (SO FUNNY! Starts around minute 7 if you can’t wait), awards the prizes and says a final “thank you” to our students, families, teachers and community members!