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Healthy Minds Virtual Conference:  Enrollment Instructions

Educators! We are delighted to have you and your students join us for the Healthy Minds event on April 14. We expect you may have questions about the event and the process for enrolling your students.

Am I required to attend the full day, 10am – 2pm? You do not have to attend the full day, there is flexibility for you to attend how it fits into your day. However, we do encourage you to carve out the time to attend as much as possible, as we have an amazing agenda planned. It will be a lot of fun and learning for your students, and well worth the time.

Will sessions be recorded if students have to miss any? Yes, all sessions will remain available to students six months after the event.

What are the options for my elementary students? You can play a session before the entire class to watch together, but our recommendation is that you allow students to decide individually which they would like to attend, as that is part of the fun! (You will want to make sure that students have headphones on April 14.)

If my students are on their own, how will I know that they are attending? We will share reporting after the event which will detail what sessions your students attended. In addition, the event is “gamified” – students will earn points (and prizes!) based on their participation in the community board, polls, and session feedback.

How do I register my students? You will send in a list of students through our Google Form. Once students are registered they will be able to activate their account and choose their sessions. It will take a day or two for student accounts to be ready for activation. You will be notified when they are ready to choose a password and pick their sessions. It will be important that they activate their accounts with the email address you supply in the uploaded list.

What will my students need to do once they are registered? You will help your students set up their Whova account which asks for their name, email and to create a password, to start. You will help them navigate the sign-up and choosing sessions process, but don’t worry, we’ve created a video tutorial that you’ll be sent, explaining it all!

Do I need to register myself as well? Your registration will be included part of the class list upload. It’s important that we know which teachers are responsible for each student who is attending.

Are there things I can do to prepare my students ahead of the event? Yes, have students practice logging into the event platorm. If they will use a device other than their Chromebook, they will download the Whova mobile app.  Also, dpending on sessions, there maybe pre-engagement opportunities for students, such as polls, video uploads, etc.

When should I register? We encourage you to register now! The first 300 students who are registered will receive a prize or free gift.

More questions? Email us at uwyouthventurencm@gmail.com