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Become a Changemaker

Changemaking studentsThe world is constantly changing. Many of the jobs that will exist ten years from now do not exist yet. Many jobs that exist now will not exist in ten years. From climate change to unemployment to inequality, social problems are out-running solutions.

– How do we prepare students to adapt to this constant change?

– How do we prepare ourselves to adapt to this constant change?

– How do we build institutions to thrive in a rapidly changing world?

We are building Changemaker Communities where everyone realizes their power to impact their world:

– Where individuals use the skills of empathy, leadership, and collaborative teamwork to solve problems they care about and help young people grow to be healthy, resilient, and caring members of their community.

– Where organizations create systems and culture which support empathy, creativity, and agency.

– Where ecosystems collaborate to support the next generation of Changemakers.

We call this an “everyone a changemaker” world. Visit us at www.changemakercommunities.org

We are inviting YOU to join our Year 4 cohort of innovative leaders from the North Central Mass ecosystem to transform our region into a Changemaker Community. If selected, you will join a group of more than 50 diverse K-12 educators, higher education, nonprofit, local government, and business professionals to co-create and implement innovative pathways to integrate empathy and agency into the mindset, systems, and culture of your institutions and lead change in your community.

If selected, you are committing to represent yourself and your institution in six virtual gatherings over the next six months.

Please be sure to speak to your supervisor about your interest in participating as there are limited spots for each partnering organization, and their support will be critical to your success as a Changemaker this year.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact:

Lauren Mountain – lmountain@mwcc.mass.edu