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Follow Your Dreams!

Performing artist, songwriter, and coach, Whitney Doucet talks about the steps she took to go from her first performance at a Fitchburg High School talent show, to singing on stage with country music star Keith Urban, having her song placed on the 2019 official Grammy ballot, performing the National Anthem at the New England Patriots, and what it means to follow your dreams.

You’ll find out the steps you can take to get started in your own music or performing career and get Whitney’s step by step guide on what it takes to be a great performer at any level. Last, but definitely not least, Whitney will show you the goal-setting technique and goal chart Taylor Swift’s management team used when she started her career.

Learn Some Self-Defense Moves

Get those muscles burning while practicing some basic self-defense and martial arts moves!

Pet First Aid

It can be scary when your pet is sick or experiencing a medical emergency! What can you do to help your pet before you get to the vet? What are some of the most important skills you should have–and that could save your animal friend’s life?

This video offers a crash course in veterinary medicine from the experts–the Vet Tech faculty at Mount Wachusett Community College. Learn how to take a heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature. Plus how to apply a simple bandage, what to do if a puppy chews on an electrical cord, and how to apply a muzzle using a belt, rope, or leash. This session will prepare you should something happen to your pet at home or if you see an hurt animal on the side of the road.

Perhaps best of all–this is a great opportunity for you to learn from the professionals. Grab this chance to ask away–what is it like to provide care for animals every day? Is this a potential career track for you?

Affirmations are Amazing!

It is said that the two most powerful words in the English language are “I am” because everything that comes after can shape your reality. Thus, the importance of affirmations and positive self-talk. Learn how to focus only on these positives, and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts.

Healthy Bites: Sweet and Savory Muffin Tin Pancakes

How confident do YOU feel in the kitchen? This session will set you up for SUCCESS as you learn to cook for yourself. Delicious, healthy food doesn’t have to be complicated! We’ll learn how to batch-cook muffin tin pancakes from scratch using seasonal produce. You’ll learn some sweet cooking skills, health tips, and how your local food dollar works.

Teens to Twenties: Glo Up Money Plan

Create a Vision Board for your 10-year financial plan including college, credit and cash!
Students, please come prepared to watch this video with a large piece of paper, colored pencils/crayons/pens, magazines, scissors, if available.

Hydroponic Farming 101

Picture this: it’s a harsh, New England winter but you are walking through a garden filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, nearly ready for harvest! How is this possible? Hydroponics! In this video, you will get a virtual tour of Growing Places’ indoor hydroponic Tower Farm. See how this method of growing is supporting food equity – making sure ALL people in our communities have access to high quality, nutritious produce year round. Find out how YOU can get involved in food justice and supporting a fair food system in our region.

Tap into Your Leadership Style and Combat Bullying

Learn to be a positive leader in a negative situation. You’ll determine what your Leadership Style is and how to apply that style when confronted with various bullying situations. Discover the various positive traits associated with different everyday Leadership Styles, and break down the ways you can address bullying concerns by using the strengths of your personal Leadership Style.

Kitchen Chemistry: Acids, Bases, and…Cabbage? Click here and enter code JGD6U

View this self-paced Nearpod session and witness chemistry in action as we make DIY pH strips using purple cabbage. We will discuss what makes cabbage purple, the special role of purple plants in the human body, and the unique benefits of other colorful pigments in fruits and veggies. Then we will use the Power of Purple to make our own pH strips!

Microwave Mastery: A Crash Course in Independent Cooking. Click here and enter code MQHLP

When you are learning to cook for yourself, microwave mastery is an important skill! In this self-paced Nearpod session, you’ll learn how to make a nutritious and tasty microwave frittata in just a few minutes. Whether you are in your first home-away-from-home, in a dorm, or in any place without a full kitchen, having a few basic tools and some know-how can be a life-saver.

Seriously…What Is That? Click here and enter code PAMY2

Ever wonder what you’re looking at in the produce aisle or at a farmers market? Watch this fast-paced Nearpod session where viewers get to guess the type of produce, where or how it is grown, why it’s good for you, and different ways to prepare it that actually taste good.

Watch the Healthy Minds event closing session

See DJ Ome, hear some fun music, listen to UWYV Director Lauren Mountain as she plays a blooper reel (SO FUNNY! Starts around minute 7 if you can’t wait), awards the prizes and says a final “thank you” to our students, families, teachers and community members!