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Call for Student and Family Submissions for Community Art Exhibition

February 3, 2021

Artwork to represent a vision of what K-12 Education should be.

Mount Wachusett Community College is putting out the call for students in North Central Massachusetts to submit original artwork for a virtual exhibit to be held through the Fitchburg Art Museum in March.

The exhibit, called “Portrait of a Graduate in North Central Mass”, is looking for submissions that represent the students’ vision for what the future of school should look like for all students.

Using the medium and materials of their choice, artists can choose from one of four prompts:

  1. What should the new normal for school be post-pandemic?
  2. What ingredients does a perfect school need for students to be successful after they graduate?
  3. What can happen in our community when we can be respectful enough to hear all voices?
  4. If aliens wanted to build a perfect school on their planet and visited your school, what would they want to take back to their world because it’s so awesome?

Students and families interested in participating should submit their artwork in digital form by February 15 with along with a 3-5 sentence description of the piece and its inspiration.

The “Portrait of a Graduate in North Central Mass” exhibit will launch on March 10, 2021. Exhibition pieces will be judged by a panel of recent MWCC art program graduates as well as local community members. Awards will be announced at the end of March.

Through a grant from the Barr Foundation, the Portrait of a Graduate program seeks to develop a collective vision of what all high school students will know and be able to do by graduation.

“Thanks to our partnership with Inspire to Change, a St. Paul-based organization which specializes in coaching, facilitation and research, we will be able to use the exhibit to extract meaningful knowledge from arts-based methods” stated Lauren Mountain, Director of the United Way Youth Venture Program at MWCC and Portrait of a Graduate lead. “The art show is a vehicle to help us understand what students of all ages envision for their ideal learning experience.”

More details, including links to the artist’s submission form and expanded instructions, can be found here.


Portrait of a Graduate Working Team participating in literature review work

Barr Fountation LogoAs part of the “external discovery” phase of our Portrait of a Graduate preparation, the working team is unpackaging practices and policies that others are doing, so we might learn from them and apply or adjust locally.

As part of this “review of best practices” aspect of the project, the working team is conducting a literature review encompassing reading, digesting what these new practices/policies mean, and sharing with the team.YOU can join in the Portrait of a Graduate effort by participating as part of the grant’s Working Group member or a subcommittee member. Contact us with your interest or to learn more.