Happy Back to School Week!

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Happy Back to School Week everyone!

No one says that right? Unless you are parents tired from a very long summer, no one is ever truly excited for back-to-school. But, there are things to be excited about during the start of school. For example; holidays coming up, new movies coming out, and of course… THE RETURN OF UWYV INTO MANY SCHOOLS THROUGHOUT NORTH CENTRAL MA!!!!

That’s right kids, with school starting comes the return of Changemaking into your community. This is the time of year that we at UWYV see so many new Venture Teams being created, using the fantastic ideas that students came up with over the summer. Along with new Venture Teams comes the amazing ideas that current teams bring as well. This time of year we see so many creative fundraisers and events from our Venture Teams, as well as a new vigor for Changemaking in their communities, it really is an amazing time.

That’s not all though. UWYV is also keeping busy during this time of year. We’re getting ready to facilitate our Dream It, Do It assemblies for all of our partner schools, to help inspire students and allow them to see that their dreams of helping a community can become a reality with UWYV. We are also super busy planning and finalizing our annual Fall Kickoff event at Mount Wachusett Community College, which starts off the new year for UWYV by hosting workshops for Venture Teams and recognizing the awesome work Venture Teams did last year. Make sure to check back here in the next month to learn all about our 2019 Fall Kickoff!

With all of this excitement at UWYV, it’s hard not to be happy. Which is why the title of this blog is “Happy Back to School Week!” and not “School Stinks, Here’s 10 Creative Ways You Can Successfully Sneak Out of Class” (That would be an awesome blog for next week though…). We here at UWYV are so excited for this year’s Venture Teams and for Changemaking, as well as excited for what this year holds for UWYV.

So, make sure you keep your head up this week and for the rest of the school year, we can’t wait to see what it holds!

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