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Spring Showcase 2018 title banner

The United Way Youth Venture’s 3rd annual Spring Showcase was a great success thanks to our Venturers and to all those who were able to attend! For many, this was their first opportunity to talk about their Venture, their cause, their plans and goals with people other than their family and peers. This event not only inspired the guests, as they were able to learn about the efforts of these teams, but it also had a major impact on the United Way Youth Venture students themselves. It’s an exciting endeavor (and even scary for some) to which the Venturers rose to the occasion and eagerly and fully engaged these guests.

The Spring Showcase attracted a wide range of community members, from families, to local business owners, to community leaders and elected officials. The Venturers were honored to know that these people wanted to learn from them about why their missions were so important and how they can get involved in supporting their Venture. Recently launched Oakmont team, L.I.F.E., spoke about the Showcase, saying that the level of passion from the other teams was amazing and really pushed their own Venture to move forward with their idea. Incredible! Guests spoke about being pleasantly surprised at the level of dedication and commitment the Venture Teams have and how prepared they were to showcase their projects. This is what the UWYV Spring Showcase is all about for these Venture Teams – making connections, meeting new people and bringing the community together.

Student Venturers also took to the stage to talk about upcoming events, like Venture Team Paws for Psych’s Pace for Paws walk, and to inform about the premise of their Ventures, and to thank the sponsors, listed here.

Ventures taking the stage to thank sponsors.
Venturers taking the stage to thank sponsors
Venture Team standing in front of their tri-fold poster
Katelyn Murphy and Ari Deery, from the Venture L.I.F.E., standing in front of their tri-fold board
Champion standing next to Culture, Communication, & Connection Venture Team in front of their tri-fold board
Champion, Carol Robison, stands with LHS Venture Team, Culture, Communication, & Connection