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Teams Launched to Date:

Super Suppliers
A team of current 7th grade Sky View students researched the amount of money that teachers and parents spend on their students; the results they found shocked them and they knew something had to change. Super Suppliers is dedicated to helping collect school supplies for both students and teachers. They do not believe it is fair that teachers spend their own money for supplies and that there are students who may can’t afford school supplies; they want to be the ones to change that. This team is focusing their efforts at Sky View Middle School but hope to eventually be able to share their mission at a city wide level!

Treats for Trips
Treats for Trips is a team from the 8th grade at Sky View Middle School. The Team’s mission is to supply funds to help students be able to afford to go on the 8th grade class trip to Washington DC and help pay for activities for the students who do not attend the trip. The cost of the DC trip is roughly $700 and after some investigation the Team discovered that since 48% of the student body gets free or reduced lunch, the trip may be unaffordable for many families. The Team is running daily snack carts during the school’s approved “snack time” to raise money to offset the cost of the trip for many students.

Field Fixers
Field Fixers’ love for the game of baseball was the fuel for the fire that started this Venture. This Team recognized the baseball field at Sky View Middle school has been neglected for quite some time and that needed to change. The Team talked about their memories stemming from that field growing up - practices, games, the sunsets, etc. The passion in their voice was very clear, they love their school, their sports, and want all students to have the same experiences they did. The Team plans to raise money through a Hat Day fundraiser and with the support of the Leominster Public Schools Athletic Director, Dave Palazzi, and the Leominster baseball teams.

Homes for Homeless
Homes for the Homeless strives to give back to their community and help out those who are less fortunate. The Team has decided to partner with Our Father’s House in Fitchburg, MA, as they learned about the amount of homelessness in their city and the surrounding areas. They want to make sure that they are doing their best to help supply Our Father’s House with items they might need. The Team plans on hosting a raffle basket to raise money to buy items such as socks, toiletries, etc.

DC Bound
Two 8th grade students started this Venture to be able to help offset costs for families of students going on the 8th grade trip to Washington DC. They discovered that the expense of the trip can be a hardship for some families and they have raised money to purchase supplies and to be able to provide some families with money to offset meal costs for students on the trip.

Love Yourself, Find Yourself2 kids and 4 adults stand in front of a slideshow while holding a giant check
Given that health class is no longer funded at their school, the two girls from Love Yourself, Find Yourself decided to bring mental health awareness to their school. They sell hot chocolate to raise awareness and to make donations to local organizations who share their mission, such as NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness local chapter. They host Wear Green days at their school for mental health awareness. Additionally, they sell cards that students can buy to write a kind, encouraging note to teachers and other students.

Geoetto's Operation
After hearing all the complaints from students saying how the school's water bubblers aren't functioning and are not refrigerated, this team decided to do something about it by raising money to purchase new refrigerated bubblers that have bottle fillers. They are installing four new water bubblers. They recognize the impact it will make on staff members and students - - finally being able to drink clean, cold water. They raise money by selling Sky View water bottles that students can use to refill at the new bubblers.

Change for Life4 teens and 3 adults hold a giant check
This Team has big hearts for helping the homeless population. They watched videos and saw photos of homeless people and it really moved them to understand what they may go through. They learned they can be extremely cold and hungry. They also learned that many veterans are homeless. They have partnered with Our Father's House to raise funds and collect items such as blankets and shoes to donate.

Hands to Paws
Hands to Paws helps animals that are suffering and in need of supplies and other items. They are partnered with Worcester Animal shelter and ideally would like to expand to help as many animal shelters as possible. Their main inspiration comes from learning that animals are dying every day because they do not have the necessary supplies to live a good life. Some shelters even lack the funding to help these animals so we want to help these underfunded shelters by making item and money donations.

Sports for Smiles
Sports for Smiles is collecting used sports equipment and raising money to give to students who can’t afford to play sports in the city of Leominster. The team is partnered with the Leominster Recreation Department to help store and disperse the used equipment to students who are in need. All members of this Team play sports but they know not everyone can afford to play a sport, because of the high fees to play or the cost of the necessary equipment. They help students to feel included. They hope that money no longer will stop people from playing the sports they love.

Dominate Disaster2 kids stand behind a giant check
Dominate Disaster helps to provide baskets of essential items to people who are affected by natural disasters. These baskets include items such as; flashlights, batteries, water, non-perishable food items, socks, blankets, and matches. The Team's primary inspiration comes from having had family affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters so they want to be able to help. The Team is partnered with Habitat for Humanities and the Red Cross to help distribute the baskets to people in need.

African Lives Matter
This team is spreading awareness at Sky View Middle School on each of the Venturer's home country in Africa. They are educating the school community about the problems that exist in these countries and they have partnered with Aid for Africa by making donations with the money raised from their fundraisers. Their inspiration stems from the fact that people live in extreme poverty and cannot attend school; they want to be able to help people live better lives while helping their home countries.

4 the Paws3 girls stand to the side holding a giant check
This team is dedicated to helping local animal shelters get items that they need. They are helping shelters cut the costs of their expenses throughout the year. They do this by donating food, toys, etc., or by giving monetary donations - - all dependent on what each particular shelter needs. They are helping Sterling Animal Shelter to start and have plans to expand in later years. They understand that animals cannot advocate for themselves so they feel the need to help shelter animals live the best lives possible.

Go for Kids
This Team of 8th graders at Sky View Middle School is passionate about helping people who have been negatively impacted by natural disasters. Members of this Team have had people they know go through some type of natural disaster and they have seen how they have struggled. They have made the decision to raise money to donate to the Red Cross. They host Parents Night Out in which parents can get together with other parents, and get free babysitting while there. They also host supplies drives for items the local Red Cross chapter has shared that are most needed.

Project Volleyball Club
This Team's mission is to make a volleyball club at Sky View Middle School. The Team has recognized that traditional sports like basketball, and baseball, etc. can get boring over time so they are hoping to get the student body excited for a new sport to be introduced at their school. Volleyball is relatively new and not very many schools have teams at the middle school level, so to help students gain experience before getting to high school they are starting a volleyball club. They agree this is also be a great way to meet new people and explore new things, and to get students more involved. The Team has also identified that it will help with strengthening the body while still having fun. They hope it will be a healthy and fun way to bring the school together.

Love is Not a Choice4 kids stand holding a giant check
This Team is helping people in the LGBTQ+ community who are being hurt or abused mentally or physically due to their sexuality, by educating others about this community. They hope to make an impact on people, specifically students, who have a different sexual orientation other than heterosexual. These Team members are all in LGBTQ+ community, so they really felt the need to educate people about this community in hopes to avoid hate, violence, and abuse towards others who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Cheer for Cats
Cheer for Cats is a Venture Team dedicated to helping cats and supporting the Pat Brody Cat Shelter. The Team is hosting a bake sale and a family fun night in which the proceeds go towards purchasing cat supplies and making monetary donations. Each Cheer for Cats Team member has a love of cats and they feel that most people tend to help shelters because of dogs so they want to make sure that cats also get attention, love and support.

Angel Pets2 kids stand with 2 adults holding a giant check
Angel Pets is dedicated to raising awareness and money for shelters and sheltered animals. They are extremely passionate about making sure sheltered animals have the best life possible. They believe there is a certain stigma behind adopting an animal from a shelter so they want to show people the benefits of adopting from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder. They were inspired from each both owning pets that had been adopted from a shelter and knowing that animals in shelters do not always get the love they need! They want this stigma behind adopting animals from shelters to change and they are going to be leading the cause!

Cool the School
On hot days at Sky View Middle School, the uncomfortable temperature and stuffy air quality make it difficult to learn. Many teachers attempt to ease some of that discomfort by bringing in their own fans, many of which are quite loud and often uncleaned, transmitting dust and debris into the air. The Cool the School Venture learned that when students are hot and uncomfortable, they can’t focus or remember as well. They researched environmentally friendly (and noise friendly!) fans and raise money to replace classroom fans for their school initially, and then other schools in the district.

Change for Children
The Change for Children Venture wishes to make a difference in the lives of children inpatients at area hospitals. Particularly interested in helping kids with cancer, they fundraise to purchase puzzles, games, coloring books and more to lift the spirits of sick kids and make their time in the hospital more pleasurable.

Literature Leaders
The girls of the Literature Leaders Venture noticed that many books in their homes are read once and then sit untouched on shelves. Knowing their own homes are likely not unique, they lead book drives so other families can donate their books that are sitting on shelves and not being read. Once collected, this Venture donates gently used books to area homeless shelters.

March for Our Lives
Inspired by the survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, FL – this group of Sky View Middle School students worked to gather a delegation of students, parents, and school faculty to attend and participate in the March for Our Lives in Boston, MA. In record-breaking time, this Venture developed an action plan with the goal to raise enough funds to secure bus transportation to the march.

C is for Cure
The C is for Cure team is raising money to donate to childhood cancer research. They were inspired because each team member has seen the impact cancer can have on a family, and because “children should be outside playing carefree, not sick in the hospital.” Team members also hope to raise enough money to purchase gifts to bring to children staying in the cancer ward at Children’s Hospital in Boston.

Three girls holding big check


#Animals for Life
Upset by the amount of animal abuse they see in the news, #Animals for Life is setting out to raise community awareness about animal abuse, especially in puppy and cat mills. They would also like to volunteer time to local animal shelters to spend time with homeless animals who are still waiting to be adopted.


School Savers
The School Savers are dedicated to wanting to help their fellow students at Sky View. Recognizing that many of their peers do not have the money to purchase basic school supplies, and that teachers often use their own money to purchase supplies for students, the School Savers want to raise money to purchase supplies for anyone who needs them.

Paws for Love
Recognizing the continuous need for supplies that animal shelters and rescues need in order to care for all of the homeless animals, the Paws for Love team has set out to distribute care packages filled with supplies such as cat food, dog food, grooming items, and toys to local organizations such as Ahimsa Haven and Daisy Animal Rescue League. They plan on accomplishing their goal by raising money to purchase supplies, having a supply drive, as well as by collecting donations to sponsor a care package in memory or in honor of a beloved pet.

I'm Fine, Help Me
Each having been affected by anxiety and/or depression in their lives, members of this Venture will be raising awareness and understanding about anxiety and depression throughout Sky View Middle School. They are committed to providing resources for students about where they can go should they need help. In addition, the I’m Fine (Help Me) team members work closely with the Guidance office at Sky View, and seek resources from L.E.A.D., a national non-profit organization which also strives to educate students and teachers about mental health.

Team Girls Rock
Inspired by their ally and a once after-school club, Team Girls Rock is a group of energetic young women determined to spread positivity and self-confidence by helping empower girls in their community. They are hosting a screening of the film “Girl Rising,” for their first fundraiser; a documentary highlighting obstacles girls around the world face simply for being born a girl. Proceeds from the fundraiser are going to the shelter for women and children on Devens, MA.

Sports Spreaders
This team consists of young athletes from Leominster who have combined their love of sports with their desire to want to help out fellow students. The Sports Spreaders believe that every student who wants to play a sport should have the opportunity like they do. The team is raising money to purchase sets of sports equipment to provide to peers who want to play sports but whose parents do not have the extra money to spend. They will also be hosting equipment swaps and collecting donations of used and new sports equipment.

Lucky Learners
The mission of Lucky Learners is to provide children from low-income families with books and games in order to keep them busy. They found through their research that if children are kept busy that it could likely decrease drug experimentation and even possible future abuse. They also understand that reading promotes literacy. They host book drives and school fundraisers in order to collect books and games.

Purrfect Kitty Creators
The Venturers in this team are passionate about cats. They started their Venture to be able to increase cat adoptions to good homes. They provide marketing efforts to the Pat Brody shelter in order to increase the number of specific cats to be adopted. They also fundraise and send proceeds to the shelter.

FLEH: Faith, Love and Elderly Happiness
These young ladies wanted to consider what had provided meaning in their lives as they were beginning their Venture. They decided to help a population that played an integral part in their lives. So they are providing Faith Love and Elderly Happiness by visiting Benchmark Senior Living Center and bringing care packages. They host fundraisers to purchase items for their care boxes.

Helping Homeless Animals
These Venturers were heartbroken with the number of animals that were being displaced to shelters. They were inspired to make a change and start a Venture to help this population. With a lot of hard work and dedication they are tackling the growing needs of shelter animals.

Hope 4 the Holidays
The six girls in Hopes 4 the Holidays wanted to make the holidays better for families in need. They are making care packages to give to families who may not be able to celebrate the holidays because they don’t have the money to make that happen. They raised money at a bake sale and donated $50 grocery store gift cards to several families before Thanksgiving so these families could have a turkey and a true Thanksgiving meal. They are working to make upcoming holidays special for even more families.

H.O.T.C. – Helping Out the Community
These two students couldn’t understand why their apartment complex wasn’t recycling. They care deeply about the environment and how much pollution is caused just from waste. Their Venture is working with their apartment complex and the Leominster Housing Authority to get a recycling program going at their complex as well as others in the city.

Jars of Happiness
This Venture Team’s mission is to spread happiness to those who are ill. They create and sell jars of candy and chocolates to help spread happiness to all. With the funds they raise they will make donations to Boston Children’s Hospital. They will also volunteer there, and create an art contest to send the winning entries to BCH to brighten the rooms of the patients.

Sharing Smiles
This group of students wants to bring smiles to the faces of children in the hospital. They understand how hard it can be for a child to have an extended hospital stay and these Venturers want to brighten their time there with care packages. These packages include games, toys, crafts, and some fun gender-specific items. They are partnering with the Boston Children’s Hospital and the Massachusetts General Hospital to help get these packages to those in need.

Field trips are fun, yet they often have a cost associated with them. The girls from UPBeat have friends and know other families who aren’t able to affordbv field trips so they have decided to raise money to offset some students’ field trip costs. They raise money by bringing awareness to their own love of Anime by holding “Idol Meets”, with costumed characters and opportunities to get pictures and autographs.

This group of 8th grade boys wants to bring gaming to terminally ill children at Camp Sunshine. They want to make sure that children who are sick are still able to have some fun. So they are combining their own love of gaming with their passion of helping others and are holding fundraising events to raise money to purchase gaming equipment to donate to Camp Sunshine.

Holiday Helpers
This team of four girls wanted to make sure that children of military families had enough gifts at Christmas. Understanding that there’s often just one parent income in a military family and that some military families can struggle financially – they created their Venture to be able to raise money to buy gifts for these children. They will work specifically with organizations that support military moms and families.

Stop Child Abuse (SCA)
The SCA team wants to educate on child abuse and raise funds to support organizations that work to help prevent it. The three members of this team feel strongly that no child should be harmed – ever. They host soccer tournaments to raise awareness and to raise money for this very important cause.

Three compassionate girls joined together because of their love for animals, and they created Pawsome. This team is raising money for animal shelters and sanctuaries, including the Worcester Animal Rescue League. Each member of this team has their own inspirational story involving animals and, because of their strong passion toward animals, they knew that they wanted to help in some way. They will ‘share the love’ and make monthly donations to different organizations that are dedicated to the care of animals.

Sports for Smiles
Three girls love playing sports, while at the same time, understand how costly playing a sport can be for families. They wanted to be able to help students who maybe wouldn’t normally be able to afford to play, the opportunity to, by giving them a scholarship so they can pay their playing fees. They are raising money to accomplish this through fundraising efforts at their school and community.

Hospital Helpers
This group of five Youth Venturers all had the unfortunate experiences of spending time in hospitals. During their time in hospital rooms and play rooms they realized how dull and boring it could be and wanted to find a way to make it brighter, happier, and more fun for other children who have to spend any amount of time in a hospital. They’re planning bake sales and other fundraisers to be able to update the rooms with more colors and better toys and things to children occupied and amused.

Spread the Love
These two caring students wanted to do more than help just one cause, so they decided to “spread the love” and they made their ultimate goal to hold monthly fundraisers to help 12 different causes each year. They’ve started small and are fundraising four times this year to help four organizations and they will work up to increasing every couple of years to be able to accomplish their grand goal of monthly fundraising and supporting 12 worthy causes every year.

Fancy For FreeDSC_0034
Having seen how many of their fellow peers cannot afford brand new high quality clothes and are often ostracized for it by their classmates, the girls of Fancy for Free decided to take action and help those in need get the wardrobe they desire. These girls are now working to collect clothes on a regular basis, including upcycling any donated clothes that may not be in the best of condition, and have students who are in need come by their closet anonymously to collect the clothes they need.

Helpers for Helpers
Deciding that they wanted to support more than just one cause, the members of Helpers for Helpers created their Venture to help other Venture Teams in their school, and the community as a whole. This Team organizes and recruits volunteers, and acts as volunteers themselves, to provide assistance at community events, such as the Johnny Appleseed Festival, as well as events that are held by other Venture Teams. They have created a Volunteer Board that resides in the school lobby listing upcoming events and ways in which a Venture Team could use help, as well as a sign-up form for interested volunteers.

Project Under the Sea
Motivated by their love of the ocean and of marine life, Team Project Under the Sea started their Venture to help raise money for organizations who support their passion, such as the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. It is their hope to hold sea-animal-themed fundraisers such as Fish Bowl Frenzy, a fun way to get fellow students involved, learn about the issues their Venture is trying to combat, and to collect money to support their cause. They will also be holding cool marine-related events on Earth Day.

Wild Hearts
This Venture Team shares a huge love of all animals and wants to ensure that those animals that are struggling to survive have the help they need. They joined together to help raise money for animal shelters by hosting a “Little Fair” fundraiser which includes a petting zoo, and hosting an animal-themed school dance. They also have committed to learning as much as they could about animals and have created a plan to share what they’ve learned with their community.

Supporting for Cancer (SFC)
Each member of this team has had a friend or family member who was affected by cancer in one way or another and knows how tough the struggle can be on both the patients and the families. They decided to take action to make it easier for others who are going through cancer treatments by bringing ‘treats’ and baked goods to cancer patients in hospitals. They also hold fundraisers such as car washes and cancer walks, to help support cancer research organizations get closer to finding a cure.

Hand in Hand
The students in this Venture Team wanted to do something to support children in Foster Care. They learned that when foster kids move from house to house, they often bring their belongings in plastic garbage bags and often do not have the basic supplies needed to succeed in school. They wanted to change this and held a ‘Backpack Drive’ to collect gently used backpacks to distribute to these children while raising funds to stock these backpacks with school supplies and games.

Clipped to Our HeartsDSC_0184
After learning about the Holocaust and how Norwegians wore paper clips as a silent protest and symbol of resistance against Nazi occupation during World War II, these eighth grade girls decided they should find a way to help those still struggling today. Knowing they would be visiting the United States Holocaust Museum on their 8th-grade trip to Washington, DC, the Clipped to Our Hearts Team decided they could still make a difference by raising money to give a donation to the museum.  They decided to raise this money by creating and selling paper clip necklaces and charms that each hold the name of someone who died in the Holocaust.

Musical Notes
Combining their love of music with their passion of helping those who are sick, three Sky View Middle School students created their Venture Team, Musical Notes, to help lift the spirits of those in the hospital.  Each of these students are musically gifted, yet each have been affected by seeing ailing family members and want to be sure that others who are sick and in the hospital can be lifted up by music and special gifts. They will be raising money and support to bring gifts for kids in the hospital, as well as play music and sing for them as a way to brighten their days.

Understanding that not all children are as fortunate as they are in being able to play their favorite sports due to high user fees, this group of girls banded together to start a Venture to raise money to help financially disadvantaged children join local teams. Not only will this help these students learn what it takes to be a part of a team and get some necessary exercise to stay healthy, but it may make the difference between these students doing well in school and getting the support necessary to get into college. They will be hosting sports camps that allow younger children to experience new sports, as well as host sports-themed carnivals.

ABC – (Accepting other’s disabilities, Believing in change, Compassion for others)
Seeing all the times that students with special needs were bullied by their peers for their mental and physical disabilities, the students of the Venture Team ABC decided it was time for them to take a stand. By creating this new Venture Team, these students will help start a culture of understanding within their school to let students with disabilities know that they have a friend they can turn to for support. ABC will also be raising funds to buy inspirational gifts to help lift the spirits of these students and to show them that change is possible.

Activism AssemblyIMG_0936
Activism Assembly is changing the way we see debates as we know it. These Sky View Middle School students not only bring the debate club atmosphere to a middle school level, but they also meticulously pick debate topics that are hot button issues in our nation today. In addition to the debates they hold, they have challenged the group to add a second level to their mission – turning their debates into civic action. This team gives students the chance to both be a part of the conversation on the pressing issues of the year and create solutions that the team can implement within their school and community.

All Stars
After learning about the growing number of homeless families residing within the Leominster community, the members of All Stars decided it was time to step up and make an impact in these people’s lives.  Through their Venture work, All Stars plans to run monthly movie nights and dances at their school as a means to purchase gas and grocery gift cards for the homeless. By supporting these homeless families, the All Stars hope the families will have an easier path to find their own home.

Furry Friends
Furry Friends mission is to help stray animals find homes.  They plan to work with no-kill shelters by volunteering their time to support the animals and raising money to donate items the shelters desperately need.  Along with fundraising at their school, they want to educate their community and bring awareness to the problem of homeless animals.   They hope to make a world a better place for animals with no voices of their own.

Generations of Buddies
Seeking their own role models to look up to, eighth-graders Mairead and Jordan are creating a buddy system within the city of Leominster to benefit middle and elementary school students. They pair middle and high school students with younger students in an after school mentoring program that provides homework help and a support system that reaches across ages and schools.

Lift Up Foster Hearts
Inspired by the 2014 Fall Kick-Off Speaker Marquis Cabrera and their own personal connections to foster youth, the members of Lift Up Foster Hearts created their Venture Team to support foster youth as they go through personal struggles within the system. By putting together care packages that will contain toys, hygiene materials, and other necessary items that will help foster children not only be healthier, but also feel like someone out there cares for them. Working with Department of Children and Families, and other foster oriented nonprofits, this team will be able to brighten the lives of youth around the state.

Optimistic for the Autistic
Believing that people with Autism should be thought of differently and deserve help and guidance at all stages with this disease, the boys with Optimistic for the Autistic were moved to make a difference for kids inflicted with Autism.  Their focus is to help the Lurie Center for Autism at MGH by raising funds to not only help the treatment for this disease but also to help with the research to find a cure.  They will be running an annual themed dance with hopes to get Leominster and surrounding towns to attend while also raising awareness around Autism.

Pause for Claws
This group knew they wanted to help with animals but weren’t really sure how.  After doing some research and finally contacting Animal Adventure in Bolton, MA, they realized the need to help exotic animal rescue.   Their work to support this non-profit and the animals they protect will include raising money for a new roof for the building, as well as buying new cages for the transportation of the animals.

Project Identify the Veterans
The members of Project Identify the Veterans show us that you don’t have to join the military to help do something good for those who have served your country. Motivated by the great work that members of the armed services have done and the staggering number of them who are in need of support when they return home, this Venture Team has decided to help make Leominster as supportive of veterans as possible. They will succeed in their goal by hosting appreciation dinners for the veterans, raising money for local veteran support groups, and helping spread awareness to the statistics of veterans who are struggling.

DSC_0083Project Paw
Inspired by their desire to help shelter animals, the girls of the Project Paw Venture joined together to create a project that supports the needs of the Sterling Animal Shelter. Seeing how little these animals have at the shelter, the team will be running a variety of fundraisers to raise donations of pet food, toys, beds, and blankets to ensure that these animals will feel cared for until they get adopted.

SAFE – (Save Animals From Extinction)
With so many animals on the brink of extinction, the Venture Team SAFE is doing all they can to give a voice to these animals and help them to survive for generations to come. By raising money for the World Wildlife Fund, the members of SAFE hope to not only put their fundraising dollars towards the protection of endangered species, but also help educate the community of Leominster on the dire need to protect these animals before it is too late.

Save Us Girls
Wanting to follow in the footsteps of Michelle Obama and Malala Yousafzi, the girls of Save Us Girls wanted to ensure that all girls their age have the right to education worldwide. After seeing the troubles that the girls of Nigeria go through on a daily basis, the Team decided to both raise funds and create educationally based care packages to send to girls in Nigeria. They want to work towards every girl around the world having the same educational experience as they do at Sky View Middle School.

Smashing Good Cause
Seeing the pain their friend’s brother had been going through with his cancer treatments, the students of Smashing Good Cause took their talents in the realm of video gaming to support their friend and all youth who suffer with terminal illnesses.  Through their Venture, they are raising money for Camp Sunshine in Maine which supports youth with terminal illnesses by providing them with support, joy and hope all free of charge. Together the Team uses their video game skills to host video game social fundraisers and competitions to ensure no child with terminal illness is forgotten.

Teens Being Strong
Sky View Middle School students, Jackie and Natalia, used their own personal strife as a source of inspiration to create a Venture that will help students who struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. They want to help these young people overcome their obstacles and live a happier and healthier life by providing a safe in-school space for teens and donating items to a local institution that helps youth with mental health issues.

DSC_0070Holiday Spreaders
The Holiday Spreaders team realized how little their generation knew about Alzheimer’s Disease and decided they should make a difference. Along with raising awareness to this disease within the community, this Venture helps those who are struggling with Alzheimer’s in Leominster by bringing them holiday joy every month through festive visits to assisted living facilities featuring games and gifts.

Kissing Scars
The Kissing Scars Venture team is a group of dedicated students hoping to end the problem of students in their school resorting to self-harm through cutting. Not only do they raise awareness of the issue to fellow students and adults, but they show their peers that there is another way and that they always have a fellow student they can turn to in times of need.

Confidence Crew
The Confidence Crew promotes change in the mentality of their fellow peers by helping all students raise their confidence and promote a positive self-image through confidence-boosting activities and special events. The Confidence Crew hosted their signature event, a talent show at the middle school, which provided an opportunity for fellow students to showcase the skills that make them unique, all the while giving them an opportunity to share in the empowering experience of speaking or performing publicly.

The project-based Water.Org Venture Team is changing the way their peers think about drinking water by raising awareness and funds to help those who have no access to clean water. Inspired by Matt Damon’s Water.Org non-profit effort, the students of Water.Org raised almost $500 through marketing campaigns at school to send to those in need!

Saving Evergreen
Saving Evergreen wanted to help out the local community when they saw Leominster’s public Evergreen Cemetery neglected and in disrepair. Wanting to honor those who we’ve lost, they committed to support the city with help cleaning the grounds and repairing headstones.

Sky View Mentors
Sky View Mentors know firsthand that getting through middle school isn’t always easy. This group of students is dedicated to helping their peers through the tough times , knowing there is someone they can turn to for support, while also creating a network of continuing support and resources for themselves.

Changing Lives
The Changing Lives founders have firsthand experience of sharing a battle with cancer with a loved one.  This knowledge has compelled them to help other youth by creating an in-school support system so their peers have someone to lean on if they need it.

FAST (Fitchburg Animal Shelter Team)
The members of FAST are revved up and ready to help the local Fitchburg Animal Shelter do all it can for the animals by raising money, donations and awareness for these family-less animals!

Birds for BostonDSC_0044
After the horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon, 8th graders at Sky View Middle School knew they couldn’t sit idly by and not help those affected. The team felt inspired after reading stories of children making paper cranes, a symbol of peace in the wake of tragedies, and decided to do the same at their school. The Venture has made mountains of paper cranes to sell to fellow students, parents, and community members. All proceeds from the sales go to the One Fund, a victim relief fund that provides financial assistance directly to the individuals who were most seriously injured and to the families of those who were killed at the marathon.

Colors for a Cause
Thinking about putting highlights in your hair? Want them for a cheaper price? Come stop by a Colors for a Cause fundraiser and receive salon highlights for a cheap price! If you’re not interested in hair products, they have headbands and hair bows for sale! All proceeds from this Venture will benefit The Cancer Foundation. Help them color the world pink!

Kids Against Mean People (K.A.M.P)
K.A.M.P, a Youth Venture based out of Sky View Middle School, is eager to stop bullying. To bring their town together against bullying, these students will be hosting movie nights and walk-a-thons. With the snow-cone and popcorn machine rentals, their events will be successful in helping to raise money for Rachel’s Challenge.

Turtles in Trouble
Turtles in Trouble Venture Team was launched in March 2012, and works to raise awareness about the potential extinction of local marine turtles, specifically the Kemp’s Ridley and Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Research has shown that, as of 2012, local marine turtles are rated among the top 13 sea creatures to become extinct, placing them under the “Endangered Species Act” (NOAA Fisheries, Office of Protected Resources). Turtles in Trouble Venturers plan to host presentations in schools around North Central Massachusetts and hold fundraisers, donating 50-75% of their proceeds to STRP (Sea Turtle Restoration Project). STRP is an organization that participates in the rescuing of sea turtles. Turtles in Trouble plans to recruit new members as they transition to Leominster High School, and continue their mission to help save sea turtles in the future.

Kitz for Kids
Kitz 4 Kidz was launched in March 2012. Lead Venturer, Isabella Serrano, was inspired to start Kitz 4 Kidz after she recognized that her family and other foster families in her community found it difficult to provide their foster kids with everything they need before they arrived to their homes. Isabella shared that there were times when her family has housed up to five foster kids at once, all of them arriving on the same date. Kitz 4 Kidz will create a “kit” which includes clothes, shampoo and conditioner, a tooth brush, body wash, a hair brush, and towels. These “kits” will then be distributed to foster families in the Leominster community. Kitz 4 Kidz aspires to manufacture 500 kits in the next year, and potentially expand their services year after year, producing more kits and serving more foster families in the Leominster community and other communities in Massachusetts.

Art for Animals
The Arts for Animals Venture launched in March 2012, with the purpose of supporting animal shelters in Leominster, MA, and demonstrating how easy it is to turn recycled items into art. Currently, four million catsand dogs—about one every eight seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year (www.humanesociety. org). Arts for Animals Venturers plan to spread awareness of the importance of adopting from a shelter and spaying and neutering pets. The Team will sell wristbands and recycled art, host an annual “Animal Shelter Awareness Event,” and fundraise through a 50/50 Raffle, tie-dye t-shirt event, and other efforts.

Don’t Waste, Donate
This Venture will collect reusable items and donate them to people who are in need. Collected items include electronics, clothes, shoes, toys, school supplies, nonperishable food, water (still packaged), and personal hygiene items (still packaged). Donations will be made to homeless shelters in Leominster, Fitchburg, and Worcester.

United Skaters Foundation
United Skaters Foundation was launched in March 2012 by Naji and Derrick in order to teach their peers about skateboarding safety, start a skateboarding club at their middle school, and construct a new skate park in Leominster, MA. Lead Venturer, Naji Ryan, recognized that youth in his community are opting to skateboard in dangerous areas, such as directly in the streets, on narrow sidewalks, and in parking lots. U.S.F. wants address this issue by spreading awareness of the importance of skateboarding safety and to create a place where youth can safely skateboard. This Venture team plans to form a Skateboarding Club at Sky View Middle School, where they meet 2-4 times a month to learn new, safe, skateboarding skills and be active together. Additionally, this Venture team plans to hold annual fundraisers including a “Create Your Own Skate Board Design Contest”, apply for grant funding from both the Tony Hawk and Rob Dyrdek Foundations, as well as ask for support from their community and local businesses to ultimately construct a skateboarding park that can be easily accessed by youth who live in Leominster and Fitchburg, MA.

Make it Clean. Keep It Green
Make It Clean. Keep It Green. Youth Venture was inspired to clean-up their community after visiting a heavily polluted local park. Their Venture idea is to encourage their school and community to keep the local parks, rivers, and brooks clean, not only for its residents, but for all habitats that are affected by pollution (fish, birds, plants, etc). Ultimately, the Venture plans to hold an annual field trip with their peers at Sky View Middle School, where they will hold a “Make It Clean. Keep It Green Clean-up Day,” picking up trash from heavily polluted areas around their community.

Get F.I.T (Fitness Is Timeless)
This Venture promotes fitness through volleyball and other physical activities. The Venturers encourage young people to be active by introducing fun and interactive sports skills they can do to keep moving. Ultimately, Get F.I.T. hopes that through their program, other young people will have the opportunity to build valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication.

Expressions of a New Generation
Venturers from Sky View Middle School plan to put their innovative, artistic talents to work distributing a magazine created by the students, for the students. After an overwhelming response from their peers, Expressions of a New Generation was inspired to offer Sky View students the opportunity to creatively express themselves through writing and art, using a magazine as their vehicle.

4 Paws
Because of their undying love for their pet dogs, this Venture hopes to raise pet owner awareness, especially dog ownership. To do this, they will post dog waste receptacles around Leominster parks so that owners are encouraged to pick up after their pets. By doing so, they believe that this will cut down on the spread of illness that comes from pet waste and that it will make their parks cleaner. To raise money they will engage local pet stores in hopes that they will distribute pamphlets and will make dog treats and sell them at local events.

Freedom Venture
This venture supports our troops by packing and sending boxes to local soldiers overseas. One of the first soldiers to get a box was one of the daughters of a school board member.

Seeds For Success
Venturers in Seeds for Success hope to harvest pumpkins so that they are able to imitate the city of Keene, NH by having Leominster community members carve and light pumpkins to line the streets of Leominster. They also hope to harvest other vegetables as well so that they can donate them to a local food pantry and their school cafeteria.

Hawks Safety Crew
Hawks Safety Crew came out of one students experience in the Leominster Junior Police Academy. During this time this venturer learned a lot about safety and wanted to bring this idea to his school and to the rest of the Leominster community.

Nature’s Perch Venture
Imitating the Extreme Makeover Field Edition venture team in Winchendon, Natures Perch hopes to re-do their field and put in places to sit, batting cages, and flowers to allow the Sky View community the opportunity to enjoy the field and the baseball and softball games.

Hawk’s Nest
This team of 8th grade students is pursuing their dream to design and build an outdoor classroom that will leave a lasting legacy at Leominster’s Sky View Middle School. Attending a school that overlooks an “amazing” scenic view, these students are working to design and carry out an outdoor classroom that they themselves and every student that succeeds them will always appreciate. Once the classroom is complete, the team intends for classes to be held there during warm weather days, and for functions to be held there in the evenings. The team is working very closely with their Ally, Mr. Paul Healy, to incorporate Geometry lessons into team activities. Their community partner, Matt Bernard of LandPro Landscaping Inc., is also playing a vital part in helping to guide their Venture and plans to make a large in-kind donation.

Backyard Group Venture
This team of 6th graders at Sky View Middle School is planning to build an outdoor learning lab for science classes. They believe that in order to properly learn about the environment they should attend class outside and have liberal access to the eco-system that they are studying. The team is working with Dr. Robert Bertin of Holy Cross College’s Department of Biology, as well as representatives from the Nashua River Watershed Association.

The Buzz Literary Magazine
The new literary magazine at Sky View gives all students the opportunity to have their voice heard and an outlet for sharing valuable information with students, staff, families, and community.

Little People’s Literature