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South Street Elementary School 

Teams Launched to Date:

South Street Changemakers
7 kids stand outside holding trash bags
The South Street Changemakers are promoting the power of friendship. They are hosting a fundraiser at school to be able to purchase board games for classes to enjoy during indoor recesses. They are hosting a Penny War at the school with the winning class being able to toss whipped cream "snowballs" at the school principal. With the earnings from the fundraising they will purchase age-appropriate board games for each grade, and then host a school-wide game day.

South Street Changemakers
The students of the South Street Changemakers Team wanted to help homeless animals. After researching how they could help locally, they decided to raise money to help buy beds and pay for medical care for animals being assisted by the Animal Control Officer in Fitchburg and Leominster. To raise these funds, the students duct taped their principal to a wall in a covid safe manner. This "fun" fundraiser provided a great opportunity for students and staff to participate whether in person or remotely.

Mini Venture7 kids stand outside holding trash bags
A leadership team of fourth-grade South Street elementary students determined that too many members of their community face homelessness and poverty, and especially suffer during the cold winter months. They launched a school-wide project to raise money and collect winter gear that will be donated to MOC’s Family Resource Center in April. In addition to making a difference in their community, these students bravely took on leadership roles where they previously had been fearful to do so. This has been a joyful and triumphant experience for these young Changemakers!

The Venture Kids
This whole-school Venture Team, led by a leadership team of 13 4th-graders, was inspired to help the homeless in their own city of Fitchburg. They understand that people who are homeless need help and discovered in their research that one-quarter of all homeless people are children. They are holding a supply drive at their school for food, hygiene products and games, collecting 500 items that they will donate to Our Father’s House in Fitchburg.

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