UWYV Virtual Team Launches, Fundraisers and Composting – Why Not?

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Just because we all continue our social distancing, it doesn’t mean that UWYV students stop Changemaking. When it comes to the ideas of UWYV virtual team launches, fundraisers and composting at Samoset – why not? UWYV students are Changemakers all-the-time! 

I was able to virtually meet with four of our UWYV Samoset students with the help of their Champion Francine Meigs who set-up the Google Meet. It was really nice to speak with Hersh Patel and Nathaniel Anim from the recently launched team Wildcats Sports for Kids. This is the team that will fundraise to pay sports fees for fellow students whose families can’t afford them.

UWVY Samoset Team Launch Wildcat Sports for Kids
From L – Hersh Patel and third from L Nathaniel Anim present at recent Google Meet.

Sixth grader Nathaniel walked me through a typical day at home. He said he wakes up as if it was a normal school day, and does school work. He takes breaks to play Roblox and Fortnight and then it’s back to school work. (Hopefully, it’s not the other way round – playing video games all day and taking breaks for school work!)

Image of Lollipops

Sixth grader Hersh Patel spoke about the team’s plans for a lollipop fundraiser. This is now on hold, since students have been social distancing.

Or is it?

Wildcats Sports for Kids  – The First UWYV Virtual Fundraiser?

Lauren Mountain, our UWYV Program Director, suggested the boys think about how they could share a virtual fundraising raffle and accomplish some of their team goals virtually. This team consists of a very smart group of Changemakers who know more about technology than many adults (myself at the top of the list right along with Michelle). While the team has this time at home, this is the perfect opportunity to organize a virtual fundraiser (with our assistance if needed and with parental permission, of course.) They were the first Samoset team of the year to launch, why not attempt the first virtual fundraiser? 

Save Our Earth – The First Virtual UWYV Launched Team?

Moving along to my other team. It was also really nice to speak with seventh graders Janessa Donovan and Brianna Patel from the Save Earth Today Team. Full disclosure, this team has not officially launched yet. However, they are very close, putting the finishing touches on their presentation. Once she heard this, Lauren suggested a virtual team launch – another great idea!  (I wish I thought of it.) One of their teammates was not at this meeting, and Brianna said that she would talk to her about the idea. 

Changemaking at Home

Seventh grader Brianna talked about how her family is making eco-friendly changes at home. They only use metal straws and no longer buy plastic water bottles. The family is planning a big garden of eggplants, peppers, spinach, tomatoes, and more.

Image of fruits and vegetables

When asked what being at home for so long was like, she said it is boring at home. She can’t get her work done and there is nothing to do. (Idea! If there is nothing to do, why not focus on getting your school work done, THEN work on your Venture!) Seriously, I understand her frustration. After this many weeks away, students are missing the structure and of course the social aspect of school.

Composting at Samoset

Save Earth Today has the main focus of eliminating single use plastic in Samoset’s cafeteria. Once the team launches, they also hope to implement composting at Samoset. In fact, composting at school is a Changemaking idea that is very possible! This interesting article from cleanriver.com, might be of interest to this team – 6 Steps to Start an Organic Compost Program at Your School.

Composting at My Home

Speaking of composting, my son James started a compost pile last year. It is his contribution to our family garden. He said it was so simple to do. He just watched a YouTube video on layered compost. It takes about 1 year for all of the food items to decompose. He says, “Composting and gardening are all about patience. If you are patient with both, you will get a nice garden.”

Composting not only produces a rich fertilizer for the garden, it helps minimize landfills’ contribution to climate change. Now, that’s a win-win!

James Maloney Composting
James Maloney Composting

So, will we see the first virtual team launch and fundraiser? Will Samoset be the first school to incorporate composting? No pressure, but, if anyone can do it, these students can!

Stay Informed and Reach Out

All of us at UWYV want to stay in touch with our students and champions. For the latest news from Youth Venture, please follow us and feel free to reach out via email, text or social media.


For any UWYV students that want to reach out to me, please email me at Kmaloney1@mwcc.mass.edu. I would love to know how you are doing and what you are up to!

Over these past few weeks of quarantine, Jake has been making some great Changemaker Check-In videos that we have shared out on our social media. To view them, please visit our UWVY YouTube Channel.

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